Framtidens Företag starts an exchange programme with incubator Télécome SudParis

We offer the students of the University Telecome Sud, Paris, an opportunity to take part of our Incubator programme during a three months period.
We offer the students a creative environment with other entrepreneurs and coaches where they can grow prosper and establish connections in the Gothenburg area. In exchange our companies can use ITM Starter incubator to access the French market. We can also use their knowledge and experience to test company presentations and pitches before entering international markets. Our incubator companies will also be able to use their working space and guidance as well as mentorship for startups

About ITM Starter incubator:
ITM assist young companies that have strong potential for innovation, growth and job creation by drawing on the skills of our two schools, as well as partners, sponsors and our 15,000+ alumni. The incubator has 1000 m² of office space to offer in two different regions of Paris. In the incubator, the resources of Télécom School of Management, Télécom SudParis, and ENSIIE are all bundled under one roof, providing a remarkable space for nurturing entrepreneurial ideas and talents.
Since opening in 1999, our incubator has helped produce 150 start-up businesses, creating over 1,300 jobs.

It is ranked as the 4th best incubator in France by Enterprise magazine, based on its 80% survival rate for startups. The incubator offers international workshops in London and Silicon Valley for selected participants to receive valuable networking opportunities and have a first-hand view of entrepreneurship.

Our start-ups will have the same possibility to join the incubators programme on the same conditions as the French companies. We are able to join the London and Silicon Valley program.

Télécom SudParis incubator website: