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What we offer

Future enterprises offer development opportunities to entrepreneurs. We are a value-based incubator focusing on growth through sustainable economic and equal values. The incubator are situated in centrally located premises in Gothenburg. We work with great minds. Establishing many successful companies has made us a highly professional team. We believe that having a diverse mix of personalities enriches our company and your.  Our values are that sustainable companies grow with equality, helfullness and respect for customers and employees.

We have flexible office space solutions that make it easy for you.

At future enterprises we provide:

  • Business development
  • Network
  • Connections to capital
  • Other great entrepreneurs to share office with
  • Fully equipped office to reasonable prices.
  • International opportunities to test your pitch

Business Incubator:

If you would like to apply to the incubator acceleration program, you will need to have identified your customer and provide a comprehensive growth strategy. Your customer strategy needs to be specific and have a unique problem solving approach.

The incubator programme aims at progressing you and your business. Each program is tailored to your needs and experiences. As the CEO of your company, you are invited to our managing directors’ meetings where you will have access to a forum with the incubator’s other leaders. The forum is a place where you can exchange experiences between business leaders and support and share experiences with each other. We practice pitching before our Value Creation Forum that takes place two times per semester.

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